Bracken County Schools- Academic Rigor

Academic Rigor is learning through …

  • strategically, intentionally planned curriculum
  • focused and aligned standards
  • diverse and multiple learning styles, needs, and experiences
  • immersing students as workers, investigators, and problem solvers
  • utilizing critical, creative, and higher order thinking skills
  • generating student self-discovery and intellectual engagement through new ideas, meanings, and knowledge
  • working with challenging text and mediums that pose dilemmas, conduct inquiry, take positions, examine multiple meanings, and apply to current life situations.

Questioning –How will I know I am successful?

Teachers will:

  • Intentionally and strategically plan questions and how to ask them at the right time to be a catalyst for powerful, exciting, and memorable learning.
  • Frame their questions around knowledge, skills, and big ideas that students needs to learn.
  • Choose the right type, kind, and level of questioning to reinforce and intensify different kinds of learning.

Students will:

  • Formulate questions and initiate topics.
  • Initiate discussion participation through self or teacher direction.
  • Build upon the contributions of others through relevant and meaningful responses/ questions.

Effective questioning puts learning ahead of activities.

Engagement – How will I know I have it?

Teachers will:

  • Strategically  and intentionally utilize the questions planned for their instructional purpose.
  • Provide learning tasks that  are relevant, meaningful, and important.
  • Provide a productive mix of different types of groupings and learning opportunities suitable for lesson objectives.
  • Be passionate about teaching.

Students will:

  • Show an observable attraction to their work.
  • Persist in their work despite challenges and obstacles.
  • Show application of their work in real time connections.

Engagement is NOT just keeping students busy!