Supply List 4th - 5th Grades

Last Updated: 7/5/2018 6:02 PM

             Taylor Elementary  - 4th Grade Supply List

Dear Parents and Guardians: Welcome to fourth grade! We are looking forward to having your child in our classrooms. This year will be exciting for your child, as it will be filled with new academic and social experiences. While planning with your child for the upcoming school year, please us the following supply list:





Roll of paper towels



  Large container of disinfecting wipes for desktops



Boxes  of tissues



24-pck of crayons



24-pack of wooden pencils



  Packages of wide-ruled loose leaf notebook paper



Black Expo, dry-erase markers



 Pencil/ crayon box



Composition notebook



 1-subject spiral notebooks  with pockets



 $5.00 Binder fee



Set of earbuds or headphones for personal use

(please open and put in ziplock bag with name)


*Boys- An extra roll of paper towels               *Girls-1 bottle of hand sanitizer 
Glue and scissors will be provided through our Crayons to Computers program. 

Please do not send the following materia ls. They are NOT needed. If they are brought to school, they will be sent back home:

NO mechanical pencils
NO Trapper Keepers or 3-ring binders
NO ink pens, staplers, calculators, or pencil   sharpeners

Thank you so much for your help with this. We really look forward to working with you and your child this upcoming school year.

The fourth grade teachers:  Mrs. Hamilton, Mrs. Gilvin, Mrs. Irish, and Ms. Mains


5th Grade Supply List

Writing Class:
1-composition notebook
1-pocket folder
3 pkgs of Loose Leaf paper

Reading Class:
1-composition notebook
1-pocket folder

1- 1 subject notebook

Social Studies Class:
1-3 subject notebook
1-pack of 2 or more glue sticks
1-pack  of expo  markers

Math Class:
1-composition notebook
1-pocket folder
1-pack of Expo markers

Music Class:
1-pocket folder
1-single subject notebook

1-pack of markers
1-pack of coloring pencils

1pair  of scissors
1-pencil pouch
Loose leaf paper (wide ruled)
1-pack of pencil top erasers
2-3 boxes of tissues
At least 48 pencils - NOT mechanical!!
1-bag of  individually  wrapped candy

Ear buds for personal use on chrombook and iPad. 

1pack of wipes or disinfecting wipes
1pack of  Expo markers
1roll of papers towels
Hand Sanitizer