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Bracken County Schools- Academic Rigor

Academic Rigor is learning through …

  • strategically, intentionally planned curriculum
  • focused and aligned standards
  • diverse and multiple learning styles, needs, and experiences
  • immersing students as workers, investigators, and problem solvers
  • utilizing critical, creative, and higher order thinking skills
  • generating student self-discovery and intellectual engagement through new ideas, meanings, and knowledge
  • working with challenging text and mediums that pose dilemmas, conduct inquiry, take positions, examine multiple meanings, and apply to current life situations.

Questioning –How will I know I am successful?

Teachers will:

  • Intentionally and strategically plan questions and how to ask them at the right time to be a catalyst for powerful, exciting, and memorable learning.
  • Frame their questions around knowledge, skills, and big ideas that students needs to learn.
  • Choose the right type, kind, and level of questioning to reinforce and intensify different kinds of learning.

Students will:

  • Formulate questions and initiate topics.
  • Initiate discussion participation through self or teacher direction.
  • Build upon the contributions of others through relevant and meaningful responses/ questions.

Effective questioning puts learning ahead of activities.

Engagement – How will I know I have it?

Teachers will:

  • Strategically  and intentionally utilize the questions planned for their instructional purpose.
  • Provide learning tasks that  are relevant, meaningful, and important.
  • Provide a productive mix of different types of groupings and learning opportunities suitable for lesson objectives.
  • Be passionate about teaching.

Students will:

  • Show an observable attraction to their work.
  • Persist in their work despite challenges and obstacles.
  • Show application of their work in real time connections.

Engagement is NOT just keeping students busy!

Teacher Resources

Year 1: Academic Rigor Powerpoint

Questioning Resource Slide

Knowledge, Skill, Big Idea Professional Learning ppt.

Engagement Resource Slide

Bloom's Taxonomy Resource Image

Questioning Preparation Tool for Teachers

HOTS Questioning Stems Resource

Professional Learning Opportunities provided- Year 1

Essential Question -vs- Higher Order Thinking Questions

Learning Maps-Summary of Ch. 4- High Impact Instruction- J. Knight, author.

Examples of Learning Maps

Tools for Formative Assessment- Checking for Understanding

Formative Assessment Strategies Using Effective Questioning Techniques

Using "Think-Time" and "Wait-Time" Skillfully in the Classroom

I Don't Know Strategy- High Impact Instruction and other Resources

No Opt Out- Teach Like a Champion Field Guide Resource

Year 2: Engagement Resources with companion evidence and support from Dr. Anita Archer's book, Explicit Instruction

Eliciting Frequent Responses:  Jan. 2017 PLC, part 1 and  After-school PLC continued, part 2

Active Participation, Part 1 and Part 2     Hand signals Poster

Assessment Student Engagement            27 Ways to Engage students resource   
Check for Understanding resource           The 8 min. that matter most resource   
Four kinds of Exit slips                              Engaged Teaching "Do now" resource

Part 1 and 2- Monitoring Student Performance     Mindset article        "How to use Praise" article

Explicit instruction using "I Do, We Do, You Do"     How to give feedback to students resource